Tibudrones, the project, started in 2014 and consists of partners, Federica Pezzoli and Gilberto Gazzi. Both are certified airline pilots, with years of experience in the world of commercial and general aviation. We believe the future of this sector, at all levels, will be more and more oriented towards the use of remote controlled devices.

This does not imply any simplification in rules or procedures, quite the opposite, we must transmit, to the world of RPAs, all the experience and the modus operandi of manned aviation, in order to give continuity to the challenge that has always characterised this sector since it’s beginning. In other words, to achieve a level of safety, that is always increasing every day operations.

Therefore, we decided to take up the challenge and enter into this promising sector, that is in continuous development but at the same time, maintaining the serious and professional approach we have acquired throughout our career as professional pilots.

Our work aims to fully comply with the current regulations and their future developments. We understand that this can be limited from a commercial point of view, and difficult for potential customers to understand. We know that by respecting the norms, is essential to ensure the safety of operations. Both the company and client can rest assured that nobody can make us/them responsible for any unforeseen mishaps caused by our work; we have the right to legally operate RPAs and possess adequate insurance coverage: third party liability insurance.

We are aware that professionalism is not enough in order to provide impeccable service for the various different and highly technological sectors. For this reason, we have established relationships with specialised professionals, in the different fields of application of our equipment. Hence, we are able to deal with all the specifics of each project, to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our work.