Drone exhibition in Las Vegas

drone exhibition Las Vegas Tibudrones has no boundaries. We continue researching technologies developed around the world, in this case, especially in what will be introduced in the “InterDrone Conference and Exposition” in Las Vegas the next 09-10-11 of September. www.interdrone.com . Tibudrones believes that drones will play an increasingly dominant role in many fields such as topography, Precision Farming, monitoring, and recording Aerial Picutres, Aerial Footage, but also many other areas that have not yet been explored. Such as the technology that will present Modar (JR) Alaoui in the International Drone exhibition in Las Vegas, about Drones able to read the emotions of people just taking the image of the face. In fact, there is a software that reads facial micro-expressions in real time, captured from cameras installed on board the RPAs and other related devices. Emotion recognition via facial expression tracking relies (for the most part) on the hybrid of image and pattern recognition via camera sensors for a better understanding of human behavior in its most natural state. Using advanced deep learning methodologies, embedded vision algorithms allow camera-enabled Unmanned Systems to recognize the full range of facial expressions, including joy, surprise, anger, and fear, along with mood indicators and other behavioral metrics in as fast as a 1/30th of a second. This is the new generation of emotional intelligence in a new generation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Therefore Tibudrones still “traveling” and flying not only from Benalmádena, crossing Marbella toward the whole Costa Del Sol, but also to those countries which, like us, desire to grow up and improve this promising and amazing technology.