FIMART, the rural drone lands in Cordoba


The past 10 and 11 November, the team of tibudrones attended in Córdoba the second edition of FIMART – Technical meetings for Rural Smart Innovation. The event was organized by the Delegation of Córdoba through the Provincial Consortium of Economic Development, with the following objectives:

  • Development of an outreach event aimed at professionals and public institutions that contributes to consolidating the position of Córdoba as a pole of innovation in the rural world.
  • Provide a forum for cooperation for the identification and implementation of innovative projects in the following areas:

– Application of innovation and technology to improve businesses in the agrifood value chain (from primary production to distribution) to meet the challenges of the sectors involved in the Horizon 2050.

– Application of technology and innovation in the development of emerging activities in rural areas such as tourism, “green” businesses, renewable energy, cultural content industries …

– Application of innovation and technology to improve services to citizens and quality of life in rural areas.

In the beautiful setting of the Palacio de la Merced, the companies providing innovative services have taken advantage of spaces for meeting their potential customers and give short presentations of their products.

tibudrones-FIMART-Cordoba-02A conference room hosted round tables in which several exponents of industry, Universities, R&D and Institutions have drawn a balance of technological past, present and future of the different sectors of the agribusiness: production, processing, marketing and distribution, food and gastronomy.

Some spaces have been dedicated to “face to face” meetings between companies interested in joint projects and collaborations, and meetings between companies and research centers to promote the transfer of technology.

One of the courtyards hosted a robotics workshop, aimed primarily at students, where a specialized company has shown the use of 3D printers and small electronic circuits for creating robotic tech toys.

In tibudrones we are convinced that this type of event is essential for the traditionally very conservative rural world to get close to new technologies drawn from the efforts of the research. The application of such new technologies will, in the future, increase agricultural production to feed a constantly growing population, and especially to do so in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, with less waste of energy and non-renewable resources.