Tibudrones offers its customers a fleet of multi rotor drones that can carry out different types of sensors, which allows us to carry out a wide range of services that are extremely efficiently.


Photo and video cameras are used for audiovisual productions, surveillance, monitoring of construction sites, surveying, monitoring and inspection of civil and industrial engineering.

Multispectral cameras are used in agriculture to determine the health of crops, inspection of irrigation systems, the monitoring of energy transport networks to detect possible interference from surrounding vegetation.

Thermal Imagers: used in agriculture to detect water stress on crops, and in engineering work to estimate the energy efficiency of buildings. Also, it is able to detect faults in the photovoltaic panels and transmission lines of electricity.

LIDAR sensors: used in topography work and in agriculture to measure altimetry of vegetation (canopy modeling).


Tibudrones has extensive computer resources, hardware and software, sufficient to meet the needs of our missions, planning and subsequent data processing. In case of very large volumes of data, we are able to expand our calculation capacity using external resources in the cloud (cloud computing).