Three days-Three exhibitions at Lleidadrone, Expodronica, Dronitaly.

Dronitaly_TibudronesThree days, three exhibitions. We have traveled across Spain and Italy to attend various drones fairs: Lleidadrone,Expodronica, Dronitaly have been visited by Tibudrones in the last few days. Precision Farming has been the protagonist on September 24 in Lleidadrone with several conferences held, amongst others, by Agromapping, Mdrones and AKIS. In addition, other professionals have exposed and shared their important and interesting experiences during various presentations. We have seen an exponential growth in technology and in the interest for its application in the agricultural world. Undoubtedly this event is a crucial step, showing the great will and mind opening of the agricultural sector that wants to evolve and has reserved an important space to the drones during the Feria de San Miquel. This attitude is something still hard to find nowadays in Europe and has an enormous value.

Lleidadrone_Tibudrones1Our congratulations to the organizers of the event. Heartfelt thanks to the guys at Agromapping, Mdrone and AKIS for being so professional and always available when it comes to sharing ideas, opinions and advice. September 25- “jump” to Zaragoza Expodronica. Very important event as it has been the first fair of drones of national relevance in Spain.
We have noted with pleasure the many people who participated in this event, confirming our firm believe: we are only at the beginning of a new age / technology. Dominant presence of RPAS operators but also many manufacturers. Among them we had the pleasure of meeting DroneTools, the maker of our droneHexa. Jorge and Nicolas, with their professionalism and availability, are always solving any technical problem we are facing. They are a formidable team!
September 26- we flew to Milan. In this second edition of Dronitaly they put together several conferences and workshops, plus an incredible exhibit of manufacturers and operators of drones.

Expodronica_Tibudrones2Very interesting was the conference organized in collaboration with the Order of Agronomists and Forestry Engineers of Milan, covering the application of drones in Precision Agriculture and forestry management.

Dronitaly_Tibudrones3Top level contents in the conference held in collaboration with the University of Pavia and the Board of Graduate Surveyors and Surveyors of the Province of Milan about the use of drones in land surveying and the software available for the development of the collected data. Finally, we thank especially Aermatica and Archidron who shared our enthusiasm for this technology, comparing the different experiences and drawing interesting conclusions.